Dandelions Matter

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work with in us, ” Ephesians 3:20

I am sure I mentioned before that I have this verse on my wall. I wrote underneath “Dream Big” because God wants us to have big dreams.  I think it shows Him our faith, we have to choose faith over our fears and doubts. It seems evermore important to me now in this climate to choose faith. It is far too easy to be overcome by fears. And though it seems we are in a more fortunate position as far as our location in the Adirondacks it still remains that there are a great many effects to all of us. No one has escaped the change that has been occurring daily. So when I bumped into this verse this morning knowing how often I proclaim this truth for what He has for us, I felt like I need to proclaim it more for this day. But somehow “abundance” is not at all what most would be thinking of as a heart desire. Not things, wealth or even an outcome that I have imagined. It is simply seeing the riches and bounty of all that surrounds us and truly thankful that I can find God in everything. What He gives and has created in a given day. So much variety, so much detail, so very much more than we can take in, both physically and emotionally. We were at a farmer’s market this week. Surveying what jam to purchase, I chose dandelion jelly. Something I have never had, actually never thought of before in terms of jelly. Most would look at the yellow rosette and see only a stubborn weed. But dandelions are so much more….and in this case someone imagined jelly. And just like that you can be overjoyed by all that surrounds you when you choose a different perspective. But do we take it in as we should? Probably not often enough. We get distracted and busy with our doing. And rather than stepping into things with child like faith of more than we can imagine we only see what we are able to do ourselves, things that are familiar or worse yet what is wrong with us. Don’t view yourself or others like a dandelion. Dandelions are passed over more often than not. They are more than a weed to be destroyed for a green lawn. Hmmm, we can take that statement and apply it dutifully. Dandelions matter. Just as we all do.
So often when I affirm my loved ones they retort back to me “you have to say that” your my mom, your my wife, your my friend. No, I don’t “have to” say those things but I want to because I want to be sure that they know abundantly I love them, I am on their side no matter what and that more good will come. So sweet reader, dream big, know you matter and choose faith. Because God is able and walking in faith brings us to see things in the weeds of life and have outcomes that are far greater than we can imagine. This world is consumed with themselves today trying desperately to be heard for their cause. When in fact from my perspective we are so clearly heard and seen. Pursue affluence from God. He loves you abundantly, He is on your side no matter what and the outcome will be far greater good than you or I can imagine.  Have a beautiful day!
Just two girls in the woods for ONE, picking dandelions!

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