and He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new…” Revelation 21:5

My eyes were purely delighted by the new spring green as traveling about this spring. Capturing every piece of imagery I could as I prayed through to each destination. It was a sensational overload for me, streaks of lights on the mountains, clouds so pure white against vivid blue, sweet fragrance of lilac and the sound of the natural, praise, music of life. He makes all things new! This rang out in my heart and soul, and my spirit was saying, YES!
It kept me fueled. But I find myself overly anxious to just be home these days. I wake up early in the mornings, many mornings still holding the thought of “all things new.” There is so much destruction Lord. And yet, as summer has arrived on the scene I can see the natural emergence of new life. But so much of what is “new” never gets a chance.  The course of a day or extent of a lifetime can have many things “new” as well as many interruptions. We have interruptions in conversations, work efforts, and how we relate to one another. This morning there is devastation in an interruption. Covid-19. Both of my parents hospitalized and in the battle of their life, for their life. Room 218 and 220. Fighting for their next breathe. 
I want to run into this fire to be nearer but I can not. Handling things from a distance, phone calls to check in with each of them, talking to doctors, nurses, and family members. I am feeling squeezed. This morning I am brought back to thinking about my perspective on an interruption, needing the peace that grounds me. And remembering how Jesus’ healing was recounted in chapter 5 of Luke and in particular how those men climbed to the roof to lower the paralyzed man through the tiles right in front of Him. The crowd was in their way but nothing stopped their faith. Was it an interruption? In red letters Jesus says which is easier to say “your sin is forgiven” or “get up and walk.” While physically it can be seen as an interruption. The exercise of faith, the evidence of things hoped for there surely is more than meets the eye. We need be aware He has all Authority. Today I need to be aware He has all Authority. And in that He restores, renews and redeems.
So here I am bringing my Mom and Dad before you Lord. Knowing the outcome you have for this interruption will indeed make all things new.
Just two girls in the woods for One.

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