Absolutely Boundless

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear it’s sound but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8
The wind is immense outside my window this morning. It has called me awake. And I think, is that you Lord, are you sweeping the earth to ready us for what’s next? Recently our work has been a spring clean up of sorts. We are preparing for a transition, cleaning out corners, discovering forgotten things, letting go of what has been hidden and kept for years, mostly things that have fallen through the cracks. Allowing change requires that we do some self assessment. Very often we fight things and do not even realize we are fighting ourselves. It is a letting go not only in the physical sense but the spiritual, within the depths there often is something that has prevented us from moving forward. It is always is a good feeling with a clean fresh start. We all can use a fresh start. I can not pretend that change is easy for me but since I was young I have had to conquer myself in many changes. We moved around a great deal during my childhood, up and down the eastern seaboard, too many schools to recall. While I adapted it was a struggle, you see I have been led to become bold and somewhat outgoing. My true nature is quieter and more introspect. But in my transitioning from place to place I had to step out and try new things all of which required faith that when I did let go of my fear, my insecurity, my doubt it would in some way be okay. The Lord has indeed molded adaptability into me as He stretched me. Let me see if I can explain by way of a story. The hallways of a school I attended in Florida were pathways with only roof coverings that led to each classroom building and one day while walking from one room to the next I caught a glimpse of my brother in the distance. He was sitting alone. I believe it had only been merely a week since we started school there. My heart immediately broke to see him by himself but there was this wind that day. It was pushing us along. I quickly detoured my route to get to him and encouraged him to go play, simply by reminding him that I am here and it will be OK. He smiled a sheepish smile and took off among his new peers. I felt a bit lighter at the sight of him among the others. I see that picture in my memory clearly other things about that day and surrounding days are gone from memory. But one other piece of the scene is profound. I also can recall the wind blasting me as I left, it took my breath away or so I thought. As I look back I think it is only vivid because it shook my own fear to the surface. It is the same force I hear outside reminding me of that feeling when you are so fulled with air it feels as if you have none. It isn’t tangible yet you are saturated by the overwhelming wave. We are propelled by God’s breath, “Ruach” in Hebrew. Power that is so full it would take your breath away at the wonder. It is nothing to fear. God is far beyond human comprehension. But come to a certainty of His absolutely boundless sovereignty. Unlimited power like the wind. Think of your own breath now, how can you adjust your focus to more of the wonders of God? In the wind He may be just reminding us that He is there and it will be OK. Increase your knowledge and wonder of the Lord. “In whose hand is the breath of every living thing, And the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:10 Let the impact of that thought propel your life.

Just two girls in the woods for ONE!

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