Jesus taught them this parable: “How can I describe God’s kingdom realm? Let me illustrate it this way. It is like the smallest of seeds that you would plant in a garden. And when it grows, it becomes a huge tree, with so many spreading branches that various birds make there nest there.” Jesus taught them another parable: “How can I describe God’s kingdom realm? Let me give you this illustration: It is like something as small as yeast that a woman kneads into a large amount of dough, it works unseen until it permeates the entire batch and rises high.” Luke 13:18-20 TPT

Breathe. I retreat to my quiet place early morning and most times just before preparing dinner.  Times when there is less commotion. It’s quiet and soft. Time just to be focused on you Lord, decompress from a barrage of things to do. And of late I have needed to notice more as necessity to gain momentum for what is next. Even the smallest task seems insurmountable. And quite honestly it would be easy to languish and not move at all for great lengths of time. Bouquet of flowers next to me, spinning of the overhead fan, the feel of our wool rug underneath bare feet and even how silence has a fullness when you close your eyes. Still is safe.
This morning we talked about Luke 13. Keith brought forward the call to repent and how shaken the world is at this time.  After he had gone I continue reading on and “Unseen” in the verse above jumps off the page at me. And for the first in awhile I feel led to share my thoughts here. I read several versions of this verse and I like the simplicity of this one.  Am I noticing as I should? of late I have two very touching and tender occurrences when the presence of God could not be denied. I want to share about my bluebird. So from my proximity where I am sitting I have a bank of windows that stretch into the other room and to my front door. The window closest to the door looks out onto my front porch.  It is the time of year for flowers to adorn the hemlock beams.  I have two baskets of pink begonia’s hanging on each side of the steps. I see a playful flutter. So curiosity grabs me from my chair. There is the sweetest little creature. Bouncing from hand rail to hand rail, and then into the flower basket peering at my door. Is it waiting for me? was my thought. Do I dare open the door, of course I do not want to risk it flying away so I watch on tippy toes from the door window. It is so playful, dipping its beak, dancing on the twigging, so light a touch.  Feathers like molten blue with a lighter under belly with a searching air about it’s movements. Again, I think is it waiting for me? slowly I open the door. It draws attention my way. Staying right on the edge of the basket. Such a gift. Hi using a soft and lofty tone…I begin a conversation. I am amazed and enchanted. And then sweet song. Tears flood. Time seems to be stilled and safe here as well. And sweet cherub fly’s to a nearby branch. I move further out onto the porch to continue my watch but I have no description, no words to express the full meaning of this interaction. Back and forth that day and noticing my little bluebird again and again. And the next day as well. Last evening I recognize it’s song. WOW! It keeps returning.  Do I dare think it is even for me, but yet I have a certainty. I notice, and my heart feels a touch from heaven. So it brings me to my point and the lesson attributed to my recent prayer, may I cultivate softheartedness, as sweetly as the divine sanction of my bluebird. And I ask you sweet reader to notice. All that is unseen awaits you, noticing we must.  So much beauty, so much good, so much life. Be loved this day by the smallest of what might otherwise have been unseen and be certain of God.
Just two girls in the woods for ONE!

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