The beauty and majesty of our world is astounding. We are extremely blessed to live in the Adirondacks located in upstate New York.  If you have not come to explore this region of the country, do come visit. You will not be disappointed. Mountain views, pristine lakes, forest wild, call of the loons, the balsam air so fresh and even the occasional moose walking in plain site.
It evokes serenity and peace. If you need to unplug the middle of a lake, Ah…there is nothing like it. Can not wait for the ice to melt and warmer air.
I do have family in other states and while I can enjoy the change of scenery always upon returning home there is a new found appreciation for this place. I do not want to take it for granted. God’s fingerprints are all over our spectacular moonscapes, brilliant starry skies, glorious sunsets, misty lake mornings and snowy crystal-like paths in the winter.  You will want to soak in the wide view.

For me however, I have always been about the intricacy of pieces. Even when I explored photography my close up kit was always on my camera. And typically, you do not find people in my photo collection from excursions or vacations. I can remember my parents being anxious to hear about my trips when I was still at home and see my pictures.  My Dad would always ask, “Where are you and your friends?  No people on this trip.”  He could never understand why there were none. Honestly, most times I did not even think of posing for a picture or getting a group shot. I was more enamored at using my close up kit and getting a clear magnification of flowers, ferns or rocks.  I love to look at individual flower petals, the edges of leaves and rock veins and so many new born plants or baby trees.  The tiniest intrigue me. Never mind light dancing on water; whether puddles, streams, lakes or ocean, I can not study enough through a camera lens. Smallest details show God’s fingerprints and they are everywhere and on everything.  Maybe that is why I was so drawn to the sermon that inspired this fingerprint.  It points to Jesus in every book of the Bible.  The link to the full sermon is below if you care to read it in it’s entirety for yourself.  Tell me what you think.

I wanted to capture God’s print in Bible with this graphic. Now, I am not a design expert and it is not perfect. It is about the message to me.  We thought it should be placed on something useful as we study. Perhaps to use for a prayer journal, to record Bible study or sermon notes, or a place to dream and reflect.  I spend a great deal of time on the computer but I love writing with pen and paper. And I make it a part of my devotional time to express in my own words what The Word has stirred in my heart.  It is great to look back. Sometimes you can not believe what was happening and other entries can remind you of a crucial focus point. Writing should not ever be a lost art.

So today we introduce this journal with the challenge to see God’s Fingerprints in your life and take time to reflect on it. Whether your prefer the wide view or the very small He is in it all.

Two girls in the woods for ONE, looking at the details of His Majestic Creation!

Find sermon here The Fourth Man by Oral Roberts

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