Precious Song

“by day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me – a prayer to the God of my life.” 

Psalm 42:8
It was after our family had gathered. Only two were left in the house. When music soared and led them to ascend to the second floor in search of the source. Instrumental, unknown, never heard before, raining down over them. After some time the source was identified, coming from a phone held in Louisa’s pocket. After looking in closets, drawers and under beds laughter ensued. It was something about “letting go” she described to me. Nonchalantly Louisa said maybe you can help me find it again. Now maybe you don’t think this too unusual and though I was not there I could sense this was a gift, a kiss from heaven. No more was said. 
We, two, needed to stop our day for prayer yesterday because the attack on our hearts was immense. I am so thankful for the intimacy of Holy Spirit and I know He was being made known to us.  We felt frustrated and out of control with so much devastation personally and on the national scene, we needed a move forward and we could not do it on our own. Prayer. So then it was on with some cleaning and sorting, moving around for tomorrow.  It was a satisfying accomplishment and much needed expenditure of energy. We each left to go to our respective homes. Glad we could be together today.
Dinner done and in the quiet of evening, my husband and I each sat soaking up the natural sweetness of day’s end that filled the air. I opened my Bible App on my phone but was immediately drawn to asking the Lord if He could just show me that song. I wanted to hear it and the thought hit me like a wave. Limited information I typed in “let” and the song below presented first on the list, so I listened. So beautiful. Could this be it? This must be it……I sent the link to Louisa. IT WAS the very song. Of all the songs!!!!! We exchanged text messages, crying with the tenderness of God’s touch on us. I pulled in to a moment of His Loving Hand for Erin and Louisa. The lyrics so befitting. It is a blessing, joining of hearts. God making Himself known. Completely undone by this Precious Song. “Oh, how YOU love me And that’s how You’ve won me.”  Sweet reader, Let Him In, the journey is astounding.  Take the time to listen. (link is below)
Just two girls in the woods for ONE, hearts uplifted!

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