Tenderest Love Song

“worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:2
I was never so struck by a melody as I was yesterday. My heart felt as if it would burst and it literally stopped my being.  This is Ali. Yes, he is a Robin that was rescued and has not left the side of the person who has cared for him for a year now.  He is an unusual and unsuspecting sidekick. He joined us for a visit yesterday in the studio. And quickly found the place we work to be an irresistible playground;  pushing beads on the floor with his beak, pulling chains from their containers and wandering through each room with toddler-like curiosity. All of the while listening intently to our voices and quite comfortable with center stage. At one point he actually came to me, resting on my arm moving up to my shoulder.  It is a captivating story and we encouraged our new friend to tell it.
We had a delightful time with both of our guests. But I soon will not forget the most touching part of our visit. As the rain turned to a torrent outside the window, Ali began to sing on the window sill. It was a peaceful melody and it flooded the atmosphere with angelic joy. No doubt a natural moment of praise sent to heaven.
My single question and the illustration that is now embedded in my heart, what of our own storm? Do we stand so unmoved in peace and sing to God with reverent adoration? It was the most natural occurrence and as the rain subsided Ali moved on to his curiosities, returning to do the same when the rain increased as it fell from the sky again. I am thankful to have met Ali and I look forward to seeing him again. To watch Ali was a gift beyond measure and something quite frankly that could only be brought to us from God himself.
Just two girls in the woods for ONE, witness to the tenderest love song.

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