Connected, secured

“that is that I may be encouraged together with you while among you each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and mine.” Romans 1:12

To start this morning I had to reconnect to the internet. I saw “connected, secured” after my click thru but I stopped for a second or two. Sure, Ha! Temporarily? Our day yesterday started out with a “session timed out” which left Louisa completely unnerved. News Flash, her creative and enterprising mind would just assume ignore and avoid all of “that stuff.” Me on the other hand I am rather immune to the snares of our technological imbalance.  Experience there has taught me to persist. The connection needed could not be made in order to accomplish this particular task. This happens more than we realize. Are we realizing now, the value of our secured connection with God. It is not temporary.

Things can indeed be upside down but more often than not this alters how we are thinking. Let’s be honest. Frustration, avoidance and procrastination eek in. Do not live in a spirit of defeat. I want to implore you to connect but be willing to allow those connections to be secured ones. See each other’s faith, whether emerging or radical. Does it matter where a person is so to speak in attending to faith? Not to me, what matters is the person. And today I can be the one cheering you on but it very well can be tomorrow I may need your faith to help move me along. (or it can be an hour from now)

I want simplicity. Why do I add that statement in now? Ok, let me say it another way. If I am not feeling well I do not want to express a laundry list of symptoms or as an extreme, have to be convincing in my tone. I just want to say, “not good today” and have real understanding in that momentary connection. Done, move on. Exercise your faith, encourage each other, bring comfort with you and be present for one another.  Don’t allow what is temporary stop you. God is forever faithful. Be authentically you. You are an original and very much wanted. Just because the “session timed out” do not stop trying to connect.

Just two girls in the woods for ONE!

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