Heart Uplifted

For a time I was a teacher, then middle management in the corporate world and now an entrepreneur.  My
absolute best role is Mom, which is work I love and adore. Where I started out
in my career and what I thought was intended is certainly not where I ended
up.  But each opportunity has taught me
so much about people.  And what I have
known all along is that I care for people. 
My Mom has repeatedly reminded me “that not everyone is like you”,
especially when I didn’t understand the dynamics that were surrounding my
situation at the time.  I have always
been able to observe what I call, “the emotional contortions’ of others” and
I’ll walk away wanting to do or say something that would help. “Really?” Is a
common phrase that you could hear me say which usually means I am inundated with the analysis of things. But I need not analyze.

 And though I would
pray for wisdom time and time again, it turns out I can do nothing without God.
It is Him and Him alone who is the Help. While any one of us can have a
combination of intellect, emotional reaction and will power to bring to our
daily lives, including our work, my sole goal is to live righteously before
Him, with the knowledge of who we are in HIM, we understand the light we carry impacts everything
around us.
So whether I am praying for my most recent load of laundry
to make it through my top loader which is defective, or struggling through a
day with physical pain or praying alongside a world ravaged heart that needs
healing I get it loud and clear. Cancel out the noise of the world and pause
for Audience of One.
The goal of this business
effort will be two-fold. First a blog will be created as an online environment
to help individuals rethink how they think of themselves and what they do.
Entries will be made through the leading of the Holy Spirit and scripture
Second products which echo
message sentiments will be developed and sold.

The products will each
contain a word or phrase that depicts a message. Meant to be offered as an
opportunity to remember the value of The Word or reach out to encourage others.

In his presence my Heart is Uplifted!

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