Treasure in the Ordinary

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden] which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.” Jeremiah 33:3

Transformation. Why are we always looking for the dramatic? It is rebuilding, reconstruction, remolding, redoing and reworking. I don’t know if you read the hummingbird entry but the backward flutters to move forward.  That is me!  Whether it is due to my full tilt thought loop which causes much distraction or just going too fast; I relate to rework because I am in process…. no drama here, just subtle changes and continual learning from my mistakes. Growth. I know this scripture speaks of great and mighty things. And yes, I believe in that. But the intimacy of our Lord is in the simple and ordinary along with things we do not know and cannot understand.

 So you see this beautiful caterpillar. This summer we had a girls overnight camping trip. My sweet sister in Christ, and co-planner and organizer, Sandi, and I were out walking on on the trails and down to the lake just enjoying being outside and being together. So much fun, she and I do not lack enthusiasm when we meet. And we sort of skipped through the trail with delight like little girls and never missed a beat in our conversation. We were both struck by the beauty of this little caterpillar. He was not at eye level the colors caught our attention. I had to take this picture. DO you know what he becomes? Turns out his transformation is drab and ordinary. He is a brown hooded owlet moth. Not what we expected. But wait, isn’t it a great and mighty work. For sure! Why do we overlook the ordinary, the drab, the simple things. Even though his outcome is not as dramatic as his starting point. The process is astounding.

Similarly, I can look back and be wowed about how far I have come in life. However, there is this comparative, competitive false nature in the world that hits you like you are not enough where you are… as if drab, simple and ordinary is not good. The world has overly romanticized, photoshop-ed (not sure if that is a word) “perfectly” amazing images. Influencers bring forward this fantastic imagery as what is expected and it could leave you disappointed if you do not see things that way in your own life images.

Sandi and I both searched out what type of moth or butterfly starts this way.  Thought for sure he would be more elaborate. Honestly, I was like that’s it?  Transformation none the less. You can not compare butterflies to moths. I had to stop and look at the moth. Beauty is found in so many variations and at different stages. Believe in the ordinary as treasure. This moth is spectacular in his own right and so are you!

Two girls in the woods astounded by the process.

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