Decidedly Different

“So teach us to number our days, That we may cultivate and bring to You a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

I have been caught up in that scenario of not being able to say “no” but it is alright to express it. And learning to take a position to truly cultivate wisely, especially on a time expenditure may find you in an unpopular position in the world we live.  If you are not automatically agreeable, well I am sure you can understand. There will be noise. Weathering that static takes maturity. We need not be moved by others, going to God first and foremost is paramount before we decide and or “do” anything.  Oh, yes prayer starts a lot of courses.  But cultivating prayer as the most important part of the course, sorry I do not see it.  We are random. We make a start but fall off.  Then we treat it so routinely. I am just as guilty of this as the next. Prayer is the special reason. But this moment, What about it? We should make the most of every opportunity.  Isn’t that what no is, our next opportunity. I can not just ask for wisdom. I have to dig for it, work for it. Make mistakes and learn from them. Every moment to honor God, without Him my yes or no amounts to nothing. As reports come forward daily on the number of lives lost from the virus, surely we have thought about the brevity of life. But why focus on only the negative, what about the recoveries! Which brings me to this point, to cultivate. Be decidedly different and encourage others with what matters. You mean something and the person you see before you is important. Each encounter has a special reason. Do not miss this opportunity, this moment. The use of our time is the greatest part of wisdom. Today, this moment can be a new beginning. Be prayerful you will become more positive.

Just two girls in the woods for ONE decidedly different.

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