“walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,”  Ephesians 4:1

There are so many times the Lord confirms His presence and let’s you know He hears you.  There are times I talk as a child for sure.  The domino pictured here represents just such a time.  They were given out as a reminder to fall into what we had learned during the study that day.  Randomly handed out, I had hoped that mine would be 4:1 because this verse from Ephesians was completely front of mind.  When I received mine it’s dots were not what I hoped. So I engaged in a conversation with the Lord. “I really, really wanted 4:1”,        “You know why I wanted it.”, “Right now it would mean so much if I had gotten 4:1”,  “Should I stand up and ask if anyone has 4:1 so I can trade.” Oh, that’s silly I thought. “But, why didn’t I get 4:1?” “I really thought I would.” Suddenly the track lighting over the next table caught my eye and I saw a domino laid out on an empty table. I swear I heard “Look,” I jumped up immediately to get a closer look. YES! 4:1! I scooped it up and exchanged the one I had for the one I really wanted. Thank you, Lord. I was completely ecstatic, no one understood the reason for my broad smile. You may even think this silly.

But to me the take away, He hears and what you want isn’t going to fall into your lap, look for it, He will lead you! I have held on to this domino for about 5 years now. And the verse is fixed in my heart.

For ONE!

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