Let Him In

“for with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37
Can you rest in that message from the scripture above? No fear, no worry, no pain.  And a big one no doubt. When we each can “Let HIM in” how much we gain. Our focus is removed from ourselves and on to the importance of what surrounds us.  We can let love flow and become love to those who need us. Circumstance, behaviors, attitudes and emotions can not speak louder than Truth. Our neighborhoods, our towns, our nation and our world need this message. Faith needs to be exercised. It begins with me and you. We speak of how key the Lord is to us daily. As we work in laughter, sometimes through tears and stepping in faith for what He has planned we come to realize so much is unknown. But our faith is stronger and growing each and every day. We are thankful to share. The essential key is we have let Him in and we continue on in our partnership with God. Nothing is more significant or matters more to us. So no matter where you are in your journey. Whether never having considered letting Him in or praying through the last season of your life with the intimate knowledge of seeing His hand in your daily life… Consider the Lord more and more, and Let Him In.  We designed these keys because we know gaining entrance, the instrumental and deciding factor in Heart Uplifted is reaching out in love. Wear a key or give a key as an opening like none other.
We are just two girls in the woods, For One!

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