Lift Your Head Up

“and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28
This a great verse but what about when you are in a moment where you can not receive the cheering on. “In all things” takes us to stretch. It is so easy for each of us to have an answer or quote a scripture in the face of someone else’s pain, sorrow and grief. Honestly we can never really understand our own heartbreak. And there are days when a memory can be a blessing that brings a wistful sense of joy but in other moments a storm of sorrow can consume you, only to pull you down. What of the time when you are just worn out? and your thoughts wrestle with fair versus unfair in our world that manipulates the scale with deception.  God will make perfect sense of it all, I truly believe it to be so…but we need constant reminders of who we are in Him. It is like we get amnesia or at least that is how I have seen it play out at times.  We need to really and truly grab hold of these truths.  There can never be enough reminding. Knowing Jesus is our source of Freedom.  We are not to be bound to pain or injustice. We are not to be tangled in a web of negative shards that scrape our wounds or keep us in a cloud of confusion. We are not to be in the quick sand of comparing our path to someone next to us at work, in our neighborhood, at church or even a mere passerby. We must know that God loves us, and He is our Great Advocate. He does not make mistakes, and you are not a mistake. There is a difference in that we do make mistakes. But we are not the sum of mistakes. We can receive forgiveness, when we ask and are willing to follow Him. 
Remind yourself as I am doing today that He comes alive through all of our heartache and for our life, whether ordinary or extraordinary.  Speak truth over yourself, say affirming words aloud, do not just keep faith tucked away only out for a rally call here and there but exercise that faith muscle as much as you can.  Let it get ever so strong that no discontent, no pang can rock you. In spite of all you may be faced with or are enduring in this day lift your head up!  There is only One who is the beginning and the end. And Yes! He is in all things. And Yes! He is Good, (in biblical terms good sometimes means beautiful), and Yes! He is for you. Say Yes! There is so much that is beautiful and that includes you.
So while the surrounding atmosphere may be trying to stomp on your dreams or keep you down making you feel less than, nothing is too great for God.  Keep walking toward what your heart is calling you to today. So wipe away those tears. The New Living Translation of Psalm 58:3 says, “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all of my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one of them in your book.” The photo of the Lady’s Mantle shows collection of the rain. Lovely little beads of water collect on each leaf.  Those droplets of water gravitate to the edge and eventually water it’s roots. While the storm may be an eventual happening, the watering is life sustaining. When hope seems out of reach faith has the ability to lift you.
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