Precious Shine

“Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.” Isaiah 43:4
Precious defined as of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly. And that refers to you sweet reader. You are precious!  Take hold of that thought today. (by the way not the way Gollum/Smeagall said it in Lord of the Rings, Ha!) In today’s world your view of precious may be altered. So many things get replaced because the cost to make repairs may be more than purchasing something new.  We can get far too accustomed to that attitude. Not the case in the Kingdom. You are irreplaceable. Recently, I received this old copper bowl thick with tarnish. It could have easily been placed in the trash and forgotten. I applied some cleaning compound to it and worked a soft sponge to wipe away the dirt to bring it back to full shine. I could see my reflection. It was awesome. Now it can be used and seen for it’s original value. We have to take the time as believers, we should be restorers. Pointing to the One who brings light to the darkness. Like this gladiola in the garden last year in the sunlight the colors were magnificent. The only one of it’s kind and the photo could not capture the radiance, it had a sparkle. We had not planted this one. It survived the winter and reclaimed it’s place in the garden. There was light in each petal it truly had a special glimmer. I could see the expressed detail as a masterpiece in and of itself. That is you, too! You shine more than copper. You are a masterpiece blooming. Christ paid it all for you. His love is the source. Sure, it may be easy to see a newborn and call them precious, but that same awe that envelopes the description of a baby applies to you no matter your stage of life. And with His love it makes your shine reflective. So much of what we see in attitudes is a throw away, walk away practice.  Broken can imply, no longer having appeal. But with the Lord we surely must change our view to know our value and in effect be able to see the value of others.  We need to enjoy our progress and our breakthroughs. Express patience in setbacks. His will for your life is a connection that reveals such treasure. Even though it may seem that things are given up for destruction. His Grace does not change. So I come before Him today with a heart of thanksgiving.  Realizing that in spite of my brokenness, His love does not dismiss, throw away, walk away or find me unappealing. God is for me and His promises are forever.  
Just two girls in the woods for ONE, wanting to shine today for His Glory!

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